What is masturbation, and how do you do it?

Masturbation is the touching of one’s own body for sexual pleasure. People masturbate in lot of different ways. Touching of the body for sexual pleasure is different for everyone. Meaning that, how you do it depends on what makes your body feel good.

Some people may stroke or rub their penis or may use their fingers to touch themselves on or near the clitoris, the sensitive organ that is located just above the opening of the vagina. Masturbation sometimes results in orgasm; sometimes it doesn’t.

Is Masturbating too much good?

Well, here are some reason for a re-think.

Masturbating Causes 100’s of Death Every Year

A new study has discovered how self pleasuring kills a shocking fifty to one hundred’s of Germans a year. As It is estimated, there are approximately one or two instances of these deaths for a million inhabitants and this is due to people undertaking risky and potentially deadly – means of achieving climax.
As there have been an incidence of a Man who died after masturbating 62 times straight on Valentine’s Day.   Read more

Advantages of Masturbation

1. Masturbation preserves a virgin guy (based on what some people believes).
2. Masturbation makes a male or female feel light.
3. Masturbation prevents a guy from being sick due to too much sperm deposit.
4. Masturbation helps in producing an imaginary sex image in both male and female.
5. Masturbation may sometimes ease tension in both male and female.
6. Masturbation satisfies both male and female sexually.
7. Masturbation in most cases prevents a man from having sex with a woman.
8. Masturbation reduces sexually transmitted diseases.
9. Masturbation reduces the rate of a male or female horny feelings.
10. Masturbation is the best way of collection of sperm when running sperm count analysis.
11. Masturbation cools an aroused body.

Disadvantage of masturbation

1. Masturbation can make a woman lose her virginity.
2. Masturbation weakens the womb in females thereby not enabling the womb to carry a child which leads to abortion (miscarriages most of the time).
3. Masturbation can develop too many veins on the penis thereby making it unattractive.
4. Masturbation causes infections in females.
5. Masturbation can weaken the hormone responsible for producing sperm.
6. Masturbation makes a man moan, suffer and starve for real sex during the period of masturbating.
7. It reduces the period of ejaculation in men.
8. Masturbation makes the penis or dick to get weak when been used in the body of a woman.
9. It sometimes causes infertility in women.
10. It causes cancer in women.
11. It can cause sperm disability which can lead to abnormal children (in fewer cases).
12. Masturbation is a serious sin in the holy bible.

Masturbation and prostate cancer

Some research suggests that regular ejaculation may lower your risk for prostate cancer, though doctors aren’t exactly sure why. A 2003 study in Australian discovered a similar link between frequent ejaculation and lower prostate cancer risk.
A study published in 2015 also discovered the risk of prostate cancer decreased by about 18-20 percent in men who ejaculated at least 15-21 times a month. There is no evidence shown that ejaculating regularly protects against advanced prostate cancer.



Masturbating – just to avoid dealing with other less pleasurable aspects of life is unsustainable. Which is to say; no one can feel pleasure 100 per cent of their time on earth; as no one is supposed to. Furthermore, this approach to life denies you the opportunity for growth and maturity. It wrongly teaches you, instead, that every time you feel sad, angry, overwhelmed and frustrated or stuck, you can simply avoid feeling such and find something more pleasurable to do.

Secondly, it makes it difficult to re-enter real life. As you mature, you are likely to discover that such act is not advisable or sustainable to masturbate away your problems. You will want to do better by re-engaging with your life along with all its ups and downs. At this point you will begin to realise that you have yet to develop the stamina and resilience that life requires.

Finally, Your sexual relationship with a partner is also likely to suffer the more because sexual intercourse isn’t quite as brief or immediate as masturbation. You may even find it difficult to maintain an erection for longer than the few minutes it takes to masturbate.

masturbation problem
I advise you to meditate and avoid masturbation. Medication, Dedication and meditation  are the ways to fight it. Strictly avoiding that trigger which compel you to masturbate. Things like porn, friends and privacy etc. Doing regular yoga and aerobics will definitely help you. A healthy diet  like fresh fruits, dry fruits, vegetables and avoiding excess fish egg n chicken strictly mutton can be taken. For this, there are dedicated medicine for this problem which reduces the urge to masturbation with helping you to regain lost vigour and vitality and thereby boosting overall health. Homoeopathic treatment curtail the habit of masturbation and removes its bad effects. Do not ignore the necessity to consult a qualified homoeopaths to avoid sexual embarrassment at the time of marriage.

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